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Project Management

Besides the built-in project management experience received as a business owner for over 30 years, I have formally served as the project manager on a multitude of projects including a two year ERP Oracle based implementation at a large multi-campus community college and a software re-implementation at a multi-campus private school. Being detailed and methodical allows me to adequately control projects.

Technical documentation and specifications

I have created a lot of documentation and even written complete user guides. I pride myself in my ability to provide functional documentation along with adequate illustrations that can be viewed on paper or online.

Because  I have been a programmer, I can provide complete technical specifications for any project. My philosophy is if you have proper specifications, a programmer should not have to make any decisions. (In other words, the specifications clearly state the intent and how for it to happen.)

Financial services (accounting setup & bookkeeping)

I have setup and maintained the accounting for all of the companies I have owned, most using QuickBooks. I have even prepared tax returns although I usually recommend the use of a CPA. Accounting is the one aspect that I enjoy the most therefore I enjoy going beyond the required bookkeeping where I can perform in-depth financial analysis.

Website services (design, development, and technical support)

I have completely designed and developed several websites from scratch plus ones based on Drupal and WordPress content managers. And I provide on-going support for several current websites.

Mobile app design and development

I have designed, developed and published several mobile apps for both Apple and Android including the Trivia4Friends suite of mobile apps.

Operating & technical processes design

Between my formal education as an Industrial Engineer (human engineering) and my business experience, I have learned how to develop and document business processes whether general in nature or technical.


Even though I have done lots of programming, I am not a “hard core” programmer that can produce lots of code quickly. Because I am logical and detailed, I am better at trouble-shooting and tweaking code. When I need new code, I use my skills to specify it, contract the initial programming, then tweak it myself.

Insurance Adjusting

I am a licensed Independent Insurance Adjuster in multiple states and was recently deployed for Hurricane Harvey.